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Jonny was just a boy when he was feminized into a sissy by a cruel Mother and sold into the service of a rich young man. He soon became a favorite cock whore of his new master and spends many a hour riding the big nine-inch cock of his male boss! Being a forced gay sissy is not so hard now that he is the favorite boy love of his rich owner...

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Donald paid quite a large some for his new sissy and was pissed to learn he had never before sucked another man's cock! Time to remedy that! He sat his new sissy down and explained to him that part of his new duties were to make sure his Master's cock was sucked long and hard every morning before he left for work!

Just part of the fun when men fuck sissy boys!
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"You Are Going To LEARN To Suck Cock Properly!"

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Karl had been forcing his gay sissy maid to suck him off every night before dinner, but had never ass banged the little bitch yet. But tonight was the night that his sweet male maid was going to loose his anal virginity. Karl bent him right over a chair in the kitchen, fingered his tight anus and proceeded to give his moaning sissy bitch a hard ass boning that had the little feminized male slut BEGGING for MORE...

It's bottoms up for a cock sucking sissy boy!

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